January 24, 2018

When Do the Aging Need Help?

Earlier on Is Better

It is better to get a loved one home care in Manhattan Beach sooner than later for many reasons. There is never anything wrong with having hired help when your loved one is just starting to struggle. It is bad if they are just barely getting help after they have been injured or caused damage to their body. Bodies become frailer and any injury can take a longer time to heal. If they are stubborn, but you started pushing for in-home care early on, then they may accept when it is the right time. Another reason to start early is that they will get used to having help around by the time they really need it.

Nothing Wrong with Starting Early

Wouldn’t you rather pay for 5 (or even 10) years of in-home care that is barely needed rather than regret not having it when your loved one has their first fall? People are going to get older and their bodies are going to become weaker. Whether your loved one is still trying to train for a marathon or just being a favorite grandparent, they will need help eventually. Having help with things can even keep your loved one up and moving longer.

Dealing with the Stubborn

Many people live in denial about various things. It is a way to prolong a current state of living. Sometimes denial can keep us satisfied for the moment, at least until life gives us a reality check. It is normal for the elderly to be stubborn about getting help. After all, they were the ones that helped you when you first began walking. Be sure to bring up in-home care in Manhattan Beach in the least intrusive way. Help your loved one adjust to the idea first and then help them get the right caregiver. They don’t want to lose their independence so help them learn that this only extends their ability to be independent.

It Can Be Handy Having Them Around

The hardest part about transitioning to having an in-home caregiver is that your loved one gets set in their ways and routines and are afraid to change them. This resistance can be avoided if a caregiver is introduced early on, even if they are just there for part of each day to help with a few tasks here and there. If they are introduced early on, your loved one will make that a part of their everyday life making it easier to work up to a 24/7 care when they really need it. There is never a point that is too early to receive home care in Manhattan Beach.